The Archipelagos Gastrosophy

The culinary treasures of the Aegean Archipelago are an invaluable part of the Greek civilization and culture. Formed by the often barren landscape, the sun and the salty sea breeze, they have produced flavors and experiences which have stood the test of time.

A seductive cuisine that will get any gastronomic heart thumping: extra virgin olive oil, delicious tenderly cooked pulses, home-grown vegetables and herbs, wild spices, fresh fishes, flavorful fresh goat or sheep cheeses, kouloures and paximadia (rusks) with a robust flavor given by the local wheat and barley varieties, exceptional wines made from ancient Greek varieties of grapes.

The proximity to nature, the use of local products and the preservation of local recipes and food preparation are all reflected in balance in the Archipelagos Cuisine, ensuring that our guests will experience a true taste of Greece.

Archipelagos Restaurant

The Archipelagos Restaurant evokes the hotel’s maternal devotion to cultivating seriously pedigreed cuisine.

Our a la carte restaurant is placed in a beautiful shaded terrace, right next to the pool and overlooking the Kalo Livadi Bay.

Here you can enjoy the restaurant’s beautiful surroundings, while savoring original recipes based on sourcing products from their famous Cycladic origins, such as caper from Santorini, saffron from Sikinos, cheeses from Naxos, baby artichoke from Tinos, handmade pasta from Paros, honey from Ikaria.

Breakfast: 8.30-11.00  Lunch: 13.00 – 16.30 Dinner: 20.00-22.30

Archipelagos Fine Dining

At the Archipelagos Fine Dining, our guests can experience our chef’s finest interpretation of the Archipelagos Gastrosophy. A journey through time, where the past fuses into the present, where ancient ingredients blend into modern recipes, where classic Cycladic courses are contemporary interpreted. An eclectic 6 course or 9 course degustation menu, with the option of wine pairing, has been crafted in order to praise the character of the Greek traditional or ancient Greek ingredients.

Greek Breakfast at Archipelagos

The breakfast served at Archipelagos Hotel is made using the finest – locally produced – ingredients and food products sourced in the Cyclades and other Aegean Sea islands.

In our rich Cycladic breakfast buffet, there are plenty of fresh local products to choose from.

We purchase our bread from the family-owned local bakery at Ano Mera, as well as our barley rusks from a local producer in Chania, Crete. Our cakes and cookies, freshly baked each day, are made in different flavors, based on traditional home recipes.

Our dairy products are sourced from local producers and are of the finest quality: Naxos Graviera, Kopanisti of Mykonos, PDO Feta cheese from goat milk and Greek Kasseri cheese. Yogurt may be combined with fresh fruits or with Greek traditional homemade sweets, and thyme honey locally produced in the Cyclades, while in our homemade jams you can savor whole pieces of strawberry and apricot, free of preservatives and additives.

Our traditional baked pies of the day are made using the best, fresh local & traditional materials: cheese pie made with the traditional tyrovolia of Mykonos, our seasoned pumpkin pie and our home-made rustic spanakotyropita (spinach pie with cheese).

Bringing you closer to our Greek heritage and traditions, we offer you a selection of Greek aromatic herbs origined from the mountain Holomonta in Chalkidiki: Greek green Tea with Chios Mastic, green tea with orange blossom and white tea with saffron.

On a daily basis, you may also find on our sweets buffet several delicacies to choose from: freshly made Pasta Flora, homemade sweet pies and the famous portokalopita (orange pie based on a recipe from Milos island). You will also find loukoumia from Syros island, pasteli made of sesame and thyme homey, sweet trahana, traditional rice pudding (rizogalo), our very own grandmother’s pancakes, our semolina halva with dried fruits and halva with honey and tahini.

Breakfast: 8.30-11.00