Environmental Sustainability Policy

ARCHIPELAGOS All Suites offer an accommodation that continually attempts to care enough about the protection of the environment and have adopted effective methods and practices that aim to energy and natural resources saving. ARCHIPELAGOS All Suites hold the ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.  Moreover our suites communicate and promote the idea of environmental management to its’ customers, so as to prompt them to adopt similar tactics and methods not only during their staying but also in their daily life.

Some of our environmental actions are:

– Towel and sheet re-use program.

– Use of room-based keycards so as to operate the energy control unit – lighting, heating or cooling.

– Use and promote local products, cooperate with local suppliers.

– Smoking is not allowed in hotel’s public spaces.

– Use of solar water heaters for hot water

– We monthly measure the water consumption and energy

– We provide an electrical car charger station to our guests

We are also very keen on recycling on the following materials:

Paper, Plastic, Glass, Batteries, Toners and Cooking oils

We acknowledge that achieving our goals and objectives will require many changes to be made over time. However we strongly believe that our sustainability efforts serve the interests of both current and future generations and constitute the foundation for long-lasting success.

For more information on Archipelagos All Suites Sustainability programs, please contact [email protected]

Mykonos, 1/9/2021

The Management