The culinary treasures of the Aegean Archipelago are an invaluable part of the Greek civilization and culture. Formed by the often barren landscape, the sun and the salty sea breeze, they have produced flavors and experiences which have stood the test of time.


A seductive cuisine that will get any gastronomic heart thumping: extra virgin olive oil, delicious tenderly cooked pulses, home-grown vegetables and herbs, wild spices, fresh fishes, flavorful fresh goat or sheep cheeses, kouloures and paximadia (rusks) with a robust flavor given by the local wheat and barley varieties, exceptional wines made from ancient Greek varieties of grapes.


In Archipelagos All Suites Restaurant we have created a sharing style menu based on Greek cuisine. Using seasonal products from Cyclades islands and modern techniques, we present you our inspired dishes.  A contemporary interpretation of new Greek Cuisine defined by seasonality and sustainability.

The proximity to nature, the use of local products and the preservation of local recipes and food preparation are all reflected in balance in the Archipelagos Cuisine, ensuring that our guests will experience a true taste of Greece.